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Palet Cover

It is an extremely robust method to protect and transport the products that you have shipped on pallets and stored in a more robust way other than stretching.

After determining the size and thickness according to the shape and weight of the products to be applied to the Pallet Cover, different properties are obtained by using various additives (such as UV, antifusion, antistatic).

The shrinking process to the pallet cover is performed through Re-pack guns or automatic ovens.

It is produced from low-density polyethylene.

It is transparent, shiny, and flexible.

Its transparency provides an advantage in the sale of the product.

It is available in amorphous (transparent) and semi-crystalline (opaque and white) materials depending on its heat treatment.

It can be used to group and pack your products in certain numbers.

It is odorless, tasteless, and resistant to impacts.

It does not create a taste and odor effect in the packaged products.

The Pallet Cover is flexible, thus it wraps to take the shape of the product.

It protects your products from adverse environmental conditions. (Sun rays, rain, wind, dust and all insects, etc.)

It is resistant to cold and heat.

If desired, UV additive can be added into the film.

It has a wide range of uses mainly in industrial applications.

It is the Best for Cost and Ease of Use.

Optionally, 100% recyclability can be achieved by using an additive that dissolves in nature in 24 months.

We can produce Pallet Cover in any size and thickness, suitable for any desired pallet, in accordance with the wishes and demands of our customers.