About Us

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Being able to respond to chemicals needed in the textile industries with high-quality, advanced technology products and aiming to contribute to the development of these products, TRANSQUA, while working with the principle of zero defect from the production stage to the delivery, continues its activities with the awareness of environmental health and social responsibility.

We are working non-stop to be the company which is able to follow the rapid developments in the chemical industry on a global scale, which has managed to turn advanced technology and expert workforce into an advantage, which is reflecting its respect for human and environment to all production and sales processes, which has the ability to offer high quality products at the right price, while providing customer-oriented products and services, which has the the most advanced targets and the strongest vision of the industry.

We know that our brand can only grow in line with the satisfaction of our customers, and as a chemical company working for a sustainable future and increasing the competitive power of our customers in order to be among the world's companies with a high growth rate, we see our working energy, our knowledge and experience, our teamwork and our desire to learn continuously as our main features.

Seeing the secret of success lies in the success of our customers and business partners, we always build all our dialogues on openness, honesty and being solution-oriented.

Aiming to be an institution that will be a symbol of quality and trust by providing continuous benefit with its working methods and values as well as product and service quality TRANSQUA aims to be a company that appeals to the world market with its sustainable development.